I was born in Beziers in the south of France on October 30, 1979, along with my two sisters. At the age of four my mother led me to the Lord one evening after our family devotions. My Dad had been teaching us about heaven and hell, and I knew I did not want to go to hell, but to heaven. That evening when my Mom was tucking us in bed, she asked if I had understood what my Dad was talking about in our family devotions, I explained that I did and wanted to go to heaven and not hell. It was at this point that she began to explain to me Christ’s finished work on the cross and that I need to place my faith in Him for salvation. That night was when I received Christ as my Saviour. I praise the Lord that I was saved early in my childhood and have never doubted my salvation. I lived in France till I was nine years old at which time my family returned to America, because of health problems that my mother was having. After several years of struggling with her health my Dad and their mission board thought it best to come to America and let my mother recuperate. After living in North Carolina for almost three years allowing my mother to regain her health somewhat, my Dad felt the Lord leading him to go to Louisiana to start a church there because of the French influence in the area. I spent most of my teenage years in Louisiana, and did a lot of growing up. After living in Louisiana for almost six years, I went off to college at the age of seventeen to start my college career.

While at school, I met my future wife the summer before my freshman year. Both of us were working to help pay our tuition for school. That summer, we started dating and eventually were married August 2000. One of the best summers that I had during college was the summer I served with Melissa’s dad in his church in the Bronx. That summer in New York assured me of my calling in the ministry, while my call to France was confirmed while I was in seminary. After Melissa graduated May ’01, I finished my undergraduate degree Dec. ’02, after which I began working on my M. Div. Program, which I finished in May ’05. Since June of 2008, the Lord has allowed us to serve Him in southern France, planting a church in a city called Saint-Gaudens. Since arriving in France, the Lord has allowed me to finished my doctorate degree also.